Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Seed Project

This is the project I developed in the Art Direction and Copywriting course I attended at University this year. The idea was to create a communication campaign to raise public awareness around the OGM topic, in support of the Seed Savers organization. I created a story around two seed characters, Borlo Cash and Borlo Beat, that embody two different approaches to agriculture, the business one and the natural one. I designed some pop-culture-inspired posters to portray episodes from their story.

Seed Project - The Beans
Seed Project - Seedstock

Seed Project - Night of the Living Seed 
Seed Project - Borlo Brothers

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

University Projects

As I anticipated, last year I came back to University to attend a Master in Communication Design. During this first academic year we had several labs with different contents and projects. In two of them we had to create an animation: one about gender stereotypes and the other based on the italian adage "Chi vuole vedere il panorama deve salire il monte" (literally: "those who want to se the view must climb the mountain"). The other two labs asked to create the design for an app. I draw some illustrations for the "customer journey" and the "user context" of both apps. You can see them below.

Gestalk App - Matthew Context (2016)

Gestalk App - Nana Context (2016)
Gestalk App - Xia Context (2016)
3Deasy! App - User Journey (2016)
3Deasy! App - User Journey pt.2 (2016)

3Deasy! App - User Journey 3 (2016)
3Deasy! App - User Journey Worst Case (2016)
3Deasy! App - User Journey Worst Case pt.2 (2016)

3Deasy! App - User Journey Worst Case pt.3 (2016)

Monday, 25 July 2016

Cargo 2016 Calendar

Between the projects I was involved into in the last months there is this illustration for the 2016 Calendar by the comics collective Cargo. Everyone had to draw a single illustration portaying the "recipe of the month" taken from the menù of the Bar Lucio, where the collective is used to meet. The intent was to do an omage to the town of Mistretta, the sicilian hometown of Lucio Iraci, the bar owner. I chose april's recipe "Conchiglie fave e cozze" (Conchiglie, a type of pasta, with broad beans and mussels). I thought of april as a month with a love vibe and decided to portray a love scene on the lunch table. Specifically a multi-culinary kiss scene, between a Conchiglia and a Mussel, that causes sympathy and scandal at the same time. In the background the face of a Mistretta's sculpture watchs the action with impotent indifference.

Multi-culinary love story (2015)

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Jus is back!

Hello Blogosphere! It's been nearly a year I don't publish anyting on this blog and I feel bad about it. In the meantime I came back to University to study Communication Design and had not so much time to carry on with my comic projects (and I have so many in my mind). Good thing is I could use my comics skills for some of the projects we did in uni. I added them to my Behance and Facebook pages and I'm gonna show you some of them in the next posts. 

What about the "Future Project" I mentioned in the last post I wrote last year? I drew some others pages and almost finished the storyboards. Here you can see the new pages.
Future project 18 (2015)
Future Project 19 (2015)
Future Project 20 (2015)
Future project 21 (2015)

Future Project 22 (2015)

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Future Project (2015)

This is a project for a graphic novel i'm working on from last year with two great scriptwriters, one of whom was a collaborator in "Trame Solidali". It deals with "Asperger syndrome" in a funny way, without trying to diminish the gravity of the topic. In reality, as it will be complete, I think it is going to have more to do with communication between human beings in general. For now you can see some pages in which the narrator character explains some aspects of the difficult interaction between "martians" and "terrestrials" to a martian public eager to improve their communication skills.

Future Project 3 (2015) 
Future Project 6 (2015)

Future Project 17 (2015)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pillar (2015)

This is a character i created for the "Sticky Fingers" mascot contest by Viber. Pillar is a caterpillar with a cute bear face. He loves parties, hugs, and chewing leaves. In this case I wanted to maintain the design simple and catchy so I decided to use just two colors and regular shapes for the body parts. There is also a little ladybug with rabbit face, just to make you know i didn't quit my obsession with rabbits. As you can see i decided to use him as the main theme of this blog.
Pillar 1 (2015)

Pillar 2 (2015)

Pillar 3 (2015)

Pillar 4 (2015)